Jul 31, 2023

Regenerative farming for the win!

We were thrilled to have Capital Radio presenter Roman Kemp visit us at Rectory Farm recently, as part of the regenerative farming campaign by one of our biggest potato customers, McCain. Imogen took Roman on a tour of the potato fields, gave him a spin in the tractor and told him all about our commitment to sustainable agriculture, nurturing the soil, and promoting biodiversity.

Did you know that almost a third of Brits recognise the importance of farming, but many confess they aren’t entirely sure about what happens on farms and where their food truly comes from? A study by McCain, covering 2,000 adults, revealed that a quarter of them think farmers primarily tend to livestock, overlooking the incredible (if we say so ourselves…) work behind fruit and vegetable production!

It’s encouraging to see that 65% of the respondents expressed an interest in understanding more about the origin of their food. And guess what? Gen Z respondents are leading the way in considering the environmental impact of their supermarket purchases, with a remarkable 68% wanting to make informed choices!

This short film sees Roman Kemp visit our farm to learn about the positive role that regenerative farming can play in helping to prevent the threat of some of our most loved foods from dying out in the future.

Keep your eyes “peeled” for another spotting of Imogen – this time on primetime TV – very soon! 

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