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Pick your own Raspberries open

When to pick: Our raspberry polytunnels are now open until the end of September.

How to pick: We supply shallow punnets for picking raspberries, however we encourage you to bring your own plastic containers to reduce plastic use. Lots of small containers for PYO are better than one large one, as soft fruit (especially raspberries) will easily bruise and squash at the bottom of a deep container. We supply trays to carry all your picking containers on-site. It’s really important to pick raspberries with two hands and we supply trolleys for you to put your containers on so that this is possible. With one hand holding the raspberry lateral (branch), use the other to gently pull the raspberry from the plug – leaving the plug on the plant. If the raspberry doesn’t come off easily, leave it for another day. Using two hands is important to protect the branches and the fruit for a longer season. Raspberries are great for freezing and we supply lids that fit our punnets for 10p in the Farm Shop.

Ready picked: If picking is not for you then we have a skilled team of professionals in the fields who pick our best every single day. You can find our ready-picked fruit in the Farm Shop fridges. If you would like to order a large volume of fruit or vegetables for an event, we’ll be happy to help. Please contact us using our contact form or call the shop on 01865 358 309.

What we grow: We grow lots of different raspberry varieties so we can offer you the very best tasting raspberries throughout the season. The Rectory Farm raspberry season starts with our Versailles variety which is grown in our polytunnels. These plants fruit twice in the early summer and into the autumn – they’re slightly smaller than our other raspberries but they’re still delicious and a lovely dark red.

In the main season our Glen Ample come into fruit, which produce very large succulent fruits that freeze well. Our Tulameen raspberries come next. They’re described as having a “waist” because they nip in at the middle. Following our Glen Ample raspberries our outside raspberries – Octavia and Tadmore – ripen.  These are smaller but firmer, both sweet and a great later fruiting variety.

Plan your visit to Rectory Farm pick your own.

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Farm shop

We sell all our own homegrown produce when in season - including several varieties of our own potatoes - picked and on the shelves within a few hours. We work hard to source the best quality local products from Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and The Cotswolds. In our fridges you’ll find local meat, pies and sausage rolls from Eadles Farm in neighbouring Beckley village, award winning organic cheeses from Nettlebed Creamery, and traditional farmhouse Cotswold Butter – plus all manner of condiments and cooking sauces, baking supplies, biscuits, pantry essentials, free range eggs and milk. Our bread arrives each morning from Long Crendon Manor Bakery and Degustibus artisan bakers in Abingdon.

help us to reduce waste

Please try wherever possible to bring your own containers and carrier bags when you visit our Farm Shop and PYO. We offer a discount on all our PYO fruit and vegetables when you bring your own container - do good and save money!

Lots of small containers for PYO are better than one large one, as soft fruit will easily bruise and squash at the bottom of a deep container.

Use our "bring your own weigh station" to weigh your containers before picking – we can then deduct these from the weight of your fruit when you come to pay at the end.

Remember to bring your own 1 litre bottle for milk or buy a Rectory Farm glass bottle in the shop.

strawberry pyo open

Come and pick your own fruit, vegetables and flowers from our 45 acres of beautiful Oxfordshire fields. Our specialities are asparagus (April – June) and strawberries (May – October).

Picking your own asparagus in the fields and eating it for lunch a few hours later is one of life’s simplest pleasures. As is making your own jams and jellies from the fruit picked with friends or family on a sunny afternoon - and freezing the fruit leftover for a sweet taste of summer after the seasons change.

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cheese hamper

PYO Open

Our pick your own is in full swing with a whole range of crops to pick everyday. Strawberries and Raspberries are available to pick until September. Our short season of redcurrants and blackcurrants has just started, pop over soon to pick your currants for jam making. We finish the colourful PYO year with our October pumpkins.

Plan your visit

Enjoy a family day out at Rectory Farm picking all your favourite fruit and vegetables to take home and enjoy. Remember to bring your own punnets and carrier bags to help us reduce plastic use. Visit the shop anytime to stock up on local  kitchen essentials and all our ready-picked fruit and vegetables if you’re short on time.

Pick Your Own Pumpkins

Our first ever Pumpkin Patch was a huge success in 2021, so we have planted five times as many for the 2022 season. We are growing a whole variety from standard orange lanterns to tiny white caspirita and giant polar bears. Sign up for our newsletter to find out the details on when our patch opens for picking.