May 8, 2023

Strawberries on the horizon - hurrah!

As we catch our breath after a busy Coronation weekend of Afternoon Teas and rhubarb and asparagus picking, we thought we’d take a minute let you know what else is happening here at the farm this month.

We’ve been busy planting our squashes, courgettes, sweetcorn and pumpkins for later in the summer and autumn. You’ll all be eating extremely well in 2023 if we have anything to do with it! We’re also planting more asparagus. Fun fact: a crop of asparagus can’t really be picked until its third year since planting, and then it can be picked for ten consecutive seasons before that field has to be emptied. So the seeds we’re sowing now will be perfect asparagus spears on your plate in 2026.

We’ve also been planting and setting up all the irrigation for our potatoes. It’s a big job but once it’s in we will be set for whatever summer 2023 throws at us. We use the water in our reservoirs (you can see them from the road if you drive towards us from Oxford) to irrigate all our potatoes.

Fruit-wise, we’re planting a different field of strawberries and raspberries for this summer, and our strawberries are flowering beautifully. This means that PYO is finally on the horizon after a rather chilly and wet start to the season. As always we will update the website and socials when we have a firm date for PYO opening and we will email you too if you’re signed up to our newsletter. Not yet signed up? Click here and get yourself in the fruit loop!

Our Little Friday Farmers Club has been hugely popular and we’ve loved seeing lots of excited youngsters picking rhubarb, planting their own strawberries and getting hands-on with the growing process. The best way to learn! This month we have a few crafty café sessions scheduled plus a PYO strawberry preview, and after half term we will have tractor rides and raspberry tours – and more. Click here to find out more and sign up.

Looking forward to half term at the end of the month, we will be open all week including Bank Holiday Monday 29th May to enable you all to enjoy a full week of strawberry picking. Let’s all do a big sun dance in the meantime…


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