Aug 17, 2022

Serve with tzatziki and a side of corn ribs for a summertime lunch that's 100% veggie


1 tin chickpeas, smashed 

3 tbsp aquafaba (the liquid that the chickpeas sit in)

1 courgette, grated

1 brown or red onion, chopped 

3 tbsp plain flour 

½ tsp salt 

½ tsp pepper

½ tsp paprika 

½ tsp chilli powder

1 clove of garlic, minced 

2 tbsp parsley, chopped 

Oil for frying


How to: 

  1. In a large mixing bowl smash the chickpeas, then grate the courgette into the bowl. 
  2. Add in the aquafaba, onion, flour, and seasonings and combine. 
  3. Shape into golf ball sized balls and slightly flatten. 
  4. Fry over medium heat until golden brown on either side. About 5 mins per side.